Time Portals of Norwich

Time Portals of Norwich

Cassie's life has never been simple. Orphaned at nine and raised by her grandfather, the past never left her alone. By the time she is seventeen she sees ghosts, hears disembodied voices, and events from history have a habit of rising up to haunt her.

On a visit to the Castle Mall shopping centre in Norwich in the hot summer of 2018, the past crashes in on top of her. Cassie finds herself transported back to the early 1990s in the company of a woman called Kay. But Kay not only looks familiar but claims she's encountered Cassie many times before.

Who exactly is Kay? Why are they having to constantly escape the clutches of someone or something that is intent on capturing or possibly killing them? Who is the mysterious "bus man" who talks gibberish but often intercedes on their behalf? More importantly, what are the portals, who created them and why do they exist?

Join Cassie on a time-twisting romp through Norwich's past to find all the answers and more!

Distribution within East Anglia is being handled by Bittern Books.

For purchasers in Norwich, the book is currently available at Jarrolds and Bookbugs & DragonTales and any other bookshop in East Anglia should be able to order it via the distributor.

The Kindle ebook edition can be purchased directly from Amazon.

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"Exciting, mind-bending adventure to the Norwich you never knew existed."
Bob Goddard, author of Mother Moon and The Dark Side of Mother Moon.

"A well-crafted, time-twisting romp through the 'Fine City'!"
M R Hume, author of A Small Herd of Cats.

"Time Portals of Norwich is a thoroughly enjoyable and captivating story, and a a must-read for those who live in and around Norwich. I for one will never view Norwich city centre in quite the same manner again, and can't wait for the next thrilling installment of Cassie's adventure in Time's Revenge."
Robert Smith - Amazon review.